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Open Doors

Posted on 2020.11.24 at 02:42

Some people have a friend's only banner. I hopefully will never have one. Instead i'm choosing to have an open doors banner. Why? I figure i don't get into too much drama, and when i do, its direct and with the people in question. I also think it represents what i personally think an LJ is about - sharing -of information, of ideas, maybe even of insecurities. I *do* have protected/friends only posts where the subject material is of a personal nature, or just a little out there,or uploads but the majority of my posts are and will be publicly viewable.My doors are wide open and will be.

There's no strings attached, if you disagree with me, within reason, well, a good healthy discussion never hurt anyone. If its not within reason, well there's ways to deal with it.It'll take something huge to change this policy though.

I'd like to ask of one small thing of anyone who choses to add my LJ to your friends list(which is the point of this page). I don't often check my friend's list management page, and so i never actually know when someone's added me, or removed me, and as such would like you to post below that you have added me, and where i know you from if it isn't obvious, and to let me know by whatever means you feel is best if you remove me, or wish to be removed from my friends list.While i've been bad about it in the past, as long as a journal has been active in recent times and/or i can contact its owner, i'll try to reciprocate this.



Posted on 2020.01.18 at 16:37

Posted on 2008.09.01 at 17:50
I've begun removing people from this LJ. Read a few posts down for the reasons and where to add yourself.If its a community its likely i'll keep using this account, unless i think its better otherwise- then again community admins have better things to do than chase me around ;p,

So long, and thanks for all the cheese.


Wiredness.. Wingedcats..

Posted on 2008.08.29 at 14:12


Important! new LJ account

Posted on 2008.08.29 at 11:27
I will be *permanantly* retireing this account, and moving my LJ activities over to a new LJ at spark_angelwolf  in roughly one week Any communities i retain an interest in will be readded, but i might need anyone who wishes to remain on my LJ friends list will need to add my new account to their friends list and i'll reciprocate.

Anyone on MSN or such who i talk to regularly will be prodded and poked till they submit.




random wierdness that popped into my head

Posted on 2008.08.28 at 15:28
Obviously as a good communist, the captain dosen't believe in god. he believes even less in the weasels, but the commisar thinks they will work... naturally 5 minutes later, when the weasels don't launch, he decides to shove them down the commisar's pants and launch him. "accident" the report said... he fell into the tube and there was a malfunction.. weasels worked perfectly though.. after a fashion

Posted on 2008.08.28 at 14:00


More angellic memories

Posted on 2008.08.28 at 11:32
Sitting on a tree with roundish leaves, throwing fruit at people while laughing...as a REALLY small girl...

Posted on 2008.08.27 at 19:10
So.. I FINALLY manage to get the wireless USB  to work on debian (its currently doing fine on an (eww) gnome install) once i used etch and half instead of etch. However wireless dosen't work, so in the meanwhile its connected as follows

Relic (old PIII) running a 802.1.1 B USB adaptor -> USB adaptor on BB -(connected to)-> VM tunning XP(running ICS) -(connected to)-> Vmware subnet-(on) -> BB-> WRT router-> modem-> internet. That does mean i have an open AP but if i can't get WPA working i'll likely restrict it by MAC addeesses

also someone pointed out the setup works for connecting a VM to the box its on. no idea why i'd do that since VMware has an internal lan ;p

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